1. I had a fruit farm once- – near Fenwick, Ontario. Apples and cherries. Only 3 years, but some great memories.

  2. Cherries. How marvelous.
    I wonder if we could grow them here at our spot? Not something I have previously considered. Might well be worth investigating!

    1. It is worth a try. My sour cherries give us lovely blossoms in the spring, but I don’t preserve the cherries because they require a lot of sugar. If you get cherries, get the sweet kind.

  3. The picture of the cherries is super. We tried to grow cherries, but every year it was a race between us and the birds…the birds won.

    1. In the past the birds have been getting ours, too, but last year I contacted an urban harvest group and several people came and picked them. I’m going to do the same again this year.

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