The Interesting High Level Bridge

Edmonton’s High Level Bridge takes traffic southbound on 109 Street.

It is an unusual bridge because cars and small trucks use the lower level, not the top. The upper level is reserved for the Edmonton Radial Railway Society‘s historic streetcars.

One of these days, I want to take a ride in that streetcar.


  1. This is different from when I was there. I walked across that bridge every day for years to get to the Biological Sciences Building. Is the High Level Diner still there? WE used to love that place.

  2. It is a nice ride over the bridge on the railway. My Mom said when there were streetcars they used the top level of the bridge. Some people would not ride across the top because they couldn’t see the tracks below them. They would get off at one side and walk across to catch the next streetcar.

      1. According to my Mom, the railway track was in the centre of the bridge and the streetcar tracks off to either side. That is her version – I can’t confirm whether or not it is true!

  3. I had no idea! Now I need to go to Edmonton to take this tram! How cool is that? (The bridge you’ve captured reminds me very much of the Parry Sound trestle similar in length but not with the road component.)

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