Views from the Dudley B. Menzies Bridge

Edmonton has some magnificent bridges and one recently caught my attention because it has a shared used pedestrian/cyclist path underneath the track for the light rail train. I had seen pictures of it and I wanted to walk across it to see what the North Saskatchewan River looks like when you are right in the middle of it.

When my eldest son and I first tried to find it, I mistakenly took us to the bridge that is under construction for the light rail near Louise McKinney Park. That bridge is not yet completed but I thought the picture I saw was of that bridge, finished, and with people walking under it. Ooops. Wrong bridge.

Then I thought that the picture I saw must have been of the bridge for the Anthony Henday highway because it, too, has a pedestrian footpath underneath the highway bridge. But, no. Wrong again.

I finally figured out which bridge I wanted and it is the Dudley B. Menzies bridge that goes from the Kinsmen Park on the south side to the Royal Glenora Club grounds on the north side. Today, at last, we had temperatures below 30 C and most of the smoke from the wildfires had gone. We parked on Saskatchewan Drive and had a little bit of a hike from there down to the bridge.

The trestle bridge with the concrete pillars you can see nearby is the High Level Bridge which supports a one-way road heading south. The photogenic arched white bridge is the Walterdale Bridge for traffic heading north. It also has pedestrian footpaths and a cycle path, but on the same level as the vehicular traffic. That one is next on my list of paths to walk.

Now I just have to figure out who the heck is Dudley B. Menzies.


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