Mystery Building

When I was out for a walk yesterday I went further afield than usual. I wanted to check out the free-share offerings of a local resident. He has been giving away clothes, food, and miscellany to anyone who wants it for the last few months, and I wanted to see what he had and what I could contribute. His offerings looked a little bedraggled because of the recent rain, but I resisted the temptation to tidy up a bit. His intentions are noble and so all shortcomings are hereby overlooked; he’s on the right track.

image via Google Maps

As I was walking home I passed an interesting building that I had not seen previously. It is a three-storey brick building in a similar architectural style to schools and government buildings that were built a century ago in this area. What makes this building intriguing is that there is no sign indicating its use or purpose. The only sign I could find was one indicating the name of the security company watching over the premises.

It is in a residential area behind a car repair shop on one side and single-family housing on the other. It has a large parking lot that is big enough for large and/or numerous vehicles. When I first saw it, I thought it was a school but then I realized it didn’t have a play area. I wondered if it had once been a residence for Catholic church nuns or teachers because it has that kind of character. The parking lot led me to think that it might be used by a municipal utilities company because there is room for snow plows or street sweepers, but I think they are housed elsewhere.

image via Google Maps

There is a fence surrounding the entire property and nothing to invite visitors. I could not see anything that would indicate that a passer-by was welcome. As I walked around, though, I saw that there were curtains at the basement windows. Curtains! Those furnishings are much too soft for government buildings.

I plan to return soon to get some more pictures and in the mean time I will do a little research to see what Lord Google can tell me. The pictures here are all from Google Maps, but that source does not identify the building’s name or use. That, in itself, increases my curiosity. If you were looking for an anonymous building to use in the mystery novel you are writing, this might be the one.


  1. Love a good mystery and this definitely shows some promise. Possibly check with Louise Penny. She may have a clue. Teasing of course. However I initially thought “school of some sort”.

    1. That is a good thought, Lorna. That is certainly possible. I intended to go back there today but it is too hot to walk that far. When the weather cools a bit, I am determined to solve the mystery.

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