“Nimihitowin”: Dancing/Movement and“Mujeres Divinas”

Today I saw some new murals at Kingsway Mall in Edmonton. The first is called Nimihitowin and the artist is Nelson “Dedos” Garcia. The work is a tribute to two Nehiyaw (Cree) artists: iskocês (lunacee) and mitêw kisêynô (creeasian). (Kingsway Mural Project)

The artist has said: “It is a celebration of the positive work that these two artists do. They embody both the teachings of their ancestors and cultural generosity to share knowledge; as well as the innovation and universality that is Hip Hop culture.”

Source: kingswaymall.com

The text reads: “We are stars dancing across the vast, held between the upturned palms of the past.” And: “We dance to heal.”

I was first drawn to the mischievous face on the left and then to the firelight on the bodies of the dancers. The brightly coloured writing in the centre reflects the aurora borealis and it reminded me of the lightning storm that we had last week. It is a remarkable work and I am very glad that Kingsway Mall and Rust Magic International made it possible.

Not far from Nimihitowin is a very different mural entitled Mujeres Divinas by  artist Lauren Sanchez. It depicts divine women from various ethnic origins and cultures.

They all seem to be peaceful and perhaps at prayer. They are close to one another, linking arms, hugging, and being supportive in their gestures. They have all taken trouble with their hair and head coverings, and those attributes make each of them distinctive. I am intrigued by the wallpaper background and the white flowers that some of them are holding, but I don’t know the significance of them. Perhaps they simply signify beauty and nature.

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