Viburnum Opulus

Viburnum Opulus is the Latin name of this plant that has been growing by the front gate and is now about ten feet high. I don’t know what the locals call it, but PlantNet tells me it is also called Snowball, Black Haw, Guelder Rose, Red Elder, Gemeiner Schneeball, European Cranberry, and Crampbark.

It has a lovely blossom with white five-petalled flowers that surround a circle of off-white seeds. Later in the year there will be lots of little red berries for the birds to enjoy. I have no idea if they are suitable for human consumption, but I’m not taking any chances. If you know, please tell me, and if you know this plant by any other name I will be interested in that, too.


  1. This looked a lot like the ones I have but they’re Crataegus laevigata, so not the same. I compared with your Viburnum Opulus and according to my research the berries are poisonous like the plant itself. It says the berries smells “rotten”, is that true? In any case, enjoying the beauty of the flowers and leaving the berries for the birds seems to be a smart move.

    1. I have never tried to smell the berries! This year I will and I’ll report back. In the mean time, the birds can have them all to themselves. Thanks for the tip!

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