The Walterdale Bridge

Google Maps thinks this bridge is called the Walter Dale Bridge, but they are wrong. It is named after the nearby neighbourhood called Walterdale and it, in turn, is named after John Walter who was among the early settlers here. He operated a ferry across the North Saskatchewan River at this location.

The original bridge, built in 1913, was called the 105th Street bridge and was demolished in 2017. Construction of this new bridge began in 2013 and was completed in 2017. At the time there were a lot of complaints about the cost of the bridge and its design, but it has since become a city icon.

Beside the bridge on the south side of the river are two parks; to the west is the Kinsmen Sports Arena and park and to the east is the Queen Elizabeth Park. Both parks were being put to good use today by people using the trails to walk, picnic, fish, kayak, cycle, and ride scooters. There were also families taking pictures of high school graduates in their ceremonial gowns.

The last time I visited a city park, nearly everyone was wearing a mask. Today I saw nobody wearing a mask! Alberta’s Covid-19 case numbers have gone down considerably in the last month or so, and June 1st will be the first day of the ‘reopening.’ Apparently, we couldn’t wait two more days.


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