Near Delton School in Edmonton, on 121 Avenue, is an interesting mural. It is on the side of a building that was once a retail outlet or perhaps a restaurant, but is now residential. The wall faces a small park.

The art work is three-dimensional and made up of a combination of artifacts and bundled twigs or willow fronds. The welded metal centrepiece spells out the word “Look” and inspires the viewer to look more closely at the other items on the wall.

The large circular piece is in the form of a dream catcher, as those made by First Nations people. Traditional dream catchers are made of willow hoops and the objects placed inside the circle may include sacred items. They were hung over a bed or cradle as protection. [Wikipedia]

Within the dream catcher, I noticed among the items a large watch, the body of a guitar, a clock, and a smaller dream catcher. I also noticed that hanging from the circle are antlers where there would normally be feathers. The artist seems to have made the suggestion of a third, outer, dream catcher with the bundled twigs in the corners of the wall.

Since I saw this mural I have been wondering about the combined significance of the objects themselves, the number three, and the word “look.” I feel as though there is a message there that I haven’t seen. I’ll have to go back and look again.

Photos courtesy of Ken Price.

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