Learning Lightroom

I have just discovered Adobe Lightroom and am figuring out how to use it. I wanted to find a way to add a copyright to the metadata on my pictures, and several of the videos I found online seemed to recommend this software.

Adobe provides seven days free then it costs $13.49 Cdn a month afterwards. It does a lot more than I need it to do, but so far I like what I see on a few recent photos I selected to play around with.

In addition to adding the copyright I took out the words “Olympus Digital Camera” that are attached to every photo I take. (I wish it didn’t do that!) I tried to find a way to stop that directly on my camera, but that doesn’t seem to be possible on the OM-D II. This is the next best solution.

Then I started to make adjustments to the tones, colours, and so on and here are some before and after shots for comparison. In some of these the differences are subtle, but interesting even so.

So far, I like the software, but it is a little overwhelming. There are a gazillion “how to” instructional videos; so many that I didn’t actually click on any of them. I also can’t figure out if there is a way to upload more than one photo at a time or how to save the changes to my original file. But, as time goes by I hope to become more comfortable with it. If any photographers out there have any handy hints for me, I will appreciate it.

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