More Love For Nurse Nan

Today I was delighted to hear from the doll collector who now has my old doll, Nurse Nan. I had written about the doll in a previous blog post and explained how I came to donate her to a local doll collectors’ club.

After she had been picked up from my home, Nurse Nan was offered in a draw among the club members. The winner was Jana who has sent me pictures of the work she has done to bring Nurse Nan back to her former glory.

She has had her hair redone, got new eyelashes, has new shoes and socks, and a perked up outfit.

Photo by Jana
Photo by Jana
Photo by Jana

It warms my heart to know that the new caretaker of my old doll has given her so much talented attention. Thank you, Jana!

If anyone reading this has a doll they would like to donate to Jana or to the Doll Club of Edmonton, I will be happy to pass on contact information privately.


  1. Dolls were never my thing, although I will admit to once owning an Action Man.
    Still on a humorous note ….
    When the post popped up in my email I first read the title as Make love for Nurse Nan
    My initial thought was …. Now this is going to be a very interesting challenge, so when I clicked on the post proper you can imagine my disappointment to be confronted by a doll!
    It was then I read the title carefully and realised I needed another cup of coffee
    Don’t mind me … it’s Monday morning.

      1. Morning Anne.
        I feel confident that anything else I write could well see me being royally screwed , metaphorically speaking at any rate, so I will be content that we had a laugh and learn to drink my coffee and polish my glasses before reading my emails.

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