Forest Heights Park

On a bright but chilly day this week I walked with my younger son through Strathearn and into Forest Heights Park. It was a longer walk than we expected, covering 4.7 km (nearly 3 miles), but very enjoyable. We saw some new views of the city and got caught up on all our news.


  1. The final shot is a marvelous cityscape of the skyline.
    4,7 kms – a reasonable walk, a little bit less than what Cindy the dog and I do.
    I see the snow is receding. Spring on its way?

    • It was a longer walk than I usually do, but my excuse is that I haven’t been able to get out for many walks this winter. Yes, the snow is receding! Yay! We will still get a few snowfalls before we can start gardening in May, but I am enjoying the absence of ice very much.

  2. Lovely photos as usual, Anne. I would really enjoy a walk with either of my sons and a time to catch up on everything. We’d need a bunch of miles though were catching up to be the goal! Have a grand day.

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