Whitemud Park and Talus Dome

Suddenly today the temperature went up to 14C and nearly all the snow disappeared within a few hours. The sun was shining and the sky was blue as my eldest son and I went for a walk in Whitemud Park in Edmonton. The river still has a frozen surface, but everywhere else we saw bare grass and big puddles.

We also stopped by the sculpture entitled Talus Dome (2012) by Ball-Nogues Studio. The information plaque describes it as follows:

Composed of nearly 1,000 handcrafted stainless steel spheres that assume the shape of an abstracted pile or mound, Talus Dome reflects the sky, the weather, and the river of cars that pass by, and changing with the seasons and hours of the day. It is both a sculpture in the landscape and a mirror to the landscape.

Before the Quesnell bridge was constructed, talus forms of earth occurred naturally along the slopes of the river valley. The artwork reminds us of the landscape that has been altered by the bridge, a rigid, controlled construction that meets our need to traverse the obstacle of the river. Talus Dome refers to the coexistence of the man-made and the natural.


  1. The Talus Dome is fascinating to me. I’m so glad the sun came out and you were able to enjoy warmer weather.

  2. I didn’t know the name of that particular sculpture. I think it was installed when Stephen Mandel was mayor so my roommate always refers to it as Mandel’s Balls!

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