Rundle Park IceWay

My eldest son introduced me to yet another wonderful park in Edmonton today. Rundle Park is huge and provides lots of amenities for families to enjoy. I was very impressed by the IceWay which is a wide pathway of ice that meanders around trees and alongside picnic sites. It was getting a lot of use by people of all ages and provided skaters an access to the ice rink. No hockey games are allowed right now, but lots of people were out there with hockey sticks, batting pucks around.

Rundle Park runs alongside the North Saskatchewan River where the ice is breaking up now and could be seen floating downstream. The park has long walking trails and a couple of great sledding hills. The recent relaxing of the rules around outdoor gatherings, together with the warmer temperatures, meant that many families could enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.


  1. That’s pretty cool! Great to see so many people out. I’m assuming there was a non-iceway for those without skates as well, or did you strap on your skates?

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