Amazing New Boots!!

The snow, ice, and cold weather have kept me indoors for a few weeks, so I started looking online for boots that would make walking safer. I have had a couple of bad falls, so I have become nervous about walking on sidewalks, especially since not everyone clears away the snow from in front of their property.

In the past I have tried using cleats in stretchy rubber shoe covers. They are less than ideal because they don’t always stay on. In addition, they make an annoying sound when they hit the pavement; if you can imagine me tap dancing, that’s what it sounds like. As a consequence, I have been reluctant to use them again.

Recently, though, I found something new. Well, new to me, anyway. These boots have cleats embedded in the treads of the soles and heels, and those cleats can be flipped over to form a regular smooth surface when the cleats are not needed. Amazing!

At first I hesitated to order them because they aren’t cheap, but then I weighed that against the frustration of staying indoors and decided it was worth the expense. Those boots arrived this week, and I am delighted with them!

Firstly, they are a good fit and are nice and warm. Secondly, and most important, the cleats are easy to use and flip over with the gadget provided. Even if I don’t have the gadget handy, I can turn the cleats using my fingernails with no trouble.

I took an hour-long walk in the neighbourhood and was pleased to find that the cleats don’t make an annoying noise. I can hear them, but they are not so loud as the cleats of the type that are on rubber shoe covers. They kept me upright walking on bare sidewalk, snow-covered sidewalk, packed ice in uncleared areas, and slush at intersections.

All-in-all, I have to say I can heartily recommend them. If you are interested, they are made by Olang and I ordered them online through one of their Canadian stores.

Having new boots reminded me of the album by Ian Dury and the Blockheads called New Boots and Panties!! (1977). Ian Dury used to buy all of his clothing secondhand except for footwear and underwear, hence the name of the record. Here is one track called Clevor Trever (sic).


  1. I bought Olang boots last year from Kunitz shoes.. There are quite a few other brands as well. They are best if you just stay outside, as they are slippery indoors of you don’t fold up the picks. So not good for shopping…if anyone does that these days.

  2. Dammit! The instant I saw the title I thought of Ian Drury, and had a broad grin once I had scrolled down. Kismet or Kindred spirits?

    I had an oops moment involving this album once.
    I had it on tape and it was among several I had picked up one morning and brought to work which I put next to the tape machine in the staff room.
    I was busy with a client in the salon when someone put the Ian Drury tape on. I thought nothing much of it until Drury recited the opening line of Plastow Patricia .
    That caused a few raised eyebrows I can tell you!

    While it has snowed a couple of times over the past three or so decades, such attire is not something one is ever likely to even consider here in Johannesburg!

  3. I just read this post today. Those boots look like great Canadian winter survival wear! I understand that initial sticker shock. It seems when I take the leap and spend more for quality, I am not disappointed. Are you still appreciating them?
    In Kansas we just got through the arctic blast last week, with super low temperatures but not much snow. I found with proper layering and sunshine, we were good taking a walk in 10 degrees (farenheit). I hadn’t imagined doing that before, but was delighted after highs being 2 degrees and not venturing outdoors.
    And I had never heard “Clever Trevor”. That was fun!

    • I still like these boots, especially if I’m walking around the neighbourhood. If I need to drive anywhere or go into stores, though, they are a bit tricky. The treads aren’t easy to flip over when they are full of ice and snow. I have figured out some workarounds, such as sitting in my car to do it when I’m away from home, but mostly I use them for local walks.

      And, yes, layering is the key! I recommend long silk underwear.

  4. I am glad they are working for walks and you have figured out the driving/shopping routine.
    I have one old pair of long silk underwear that I love. I need talls/longs, so they are kind of a specialty item. They are getting patched to get as much longevity as possible!

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