Thursday Doors: Edmonton Federal Building

A few days ago I wanted to go for a walk somewhere that had the snow shovelled from the sidewalks. My son recommended the Alberta Legislature grounds, and it was a good suggestion. Most of the sidewalks were clear and it felt safe to walk around there.

As we were about to leave, we passed the Federal Building and I was taken by the art deco style of the entrance which has not lost its charm.

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  1. That’s a beauty. We just don’t have many art-deco buildings left around here so I always pause to study and admire whenever I see one anywhere.
    Take care and thanks for participating 🙂

  2. This is truly attractive and I agree that one needs to stand a bit away from it to appreciate the door initially.

  3. Love how the snow is piled up on the topiary hedges and the municipal plant pots.
    Not something one is likely to see down here!

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