Love Your Bean

When this art installation first appeared on 118 Avenue in Edmonton, there was quite a bit of delighted chatter on the NextDoor app. The local people were both intrigued and amused. Some were a little bewildered asking “Have you seen the giant beans?” and “What are they?” and “What are they for?”.

One of the delights of living here is that the Arts on the Avenue Edmonton Society, a non-profit charitable organization, brings us interesting art works every year. This year they have outdone themselves. I have previously posted a blog about the Walking Figures installation, and here today is Love Your Bean by Cosimo Cavallero.

The art work is designed to be intriguing and to invite touching. The artist suggests that we allow ourselves to be lead by our senses. The description provided by Arts on the Avenue Edmonton is: “The beans are whimsical, joyful, interactive, and a little bit unsettling as they seduce and dwarf their viewers by their sweetness and smooth form.”

Cosimo Cavallero was born in Montreal and is now based in the United States where he recently built a cheese wall along the border with Mexico. I love that! And, I love Edmonton’s beans, too. As part of the installation a large dreary grey wall was painted bright green, so that even when the beans have gone I will still be glad for the green wall and I will remember the beans.


  1. Oh Anne, as I enjoy the sculpture in Edmonton that you are sharing, I am reminded of the sculpture in downtown SJ kind of near the Fairmont (if I recall at all). It is supposed to be a special sort of animal/reptile from Mexico I believe and was created by a famous artist I was told. Sorry I am being so vague. Art is open to interpretation and this piece has certainly been interpreted. Everything from a coiled snake to a pile of dog droppings. The name begins with a Q but I don’t recall it now. I think your Arts on the Avenue has better taste!

    • I have seen that sculpture. You may be thinking of Quetzalcoatl and/or Coatlicue, the mother of gods with a skirt of snakes. The last time I saw that I thought that the head was missing and I wondered if it was supposed to look like that or if the head had been cut off somehow.

      I’m glad you enjoy the Edmonton sculptures. I do, too. They aren’t always well-received, but they keep showing up anyway!

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