Further Adventures in Cannabinoids

Yesterday, I visited a local cannabis dispensary in order to buy some CBD cream because cold weather has made the joints in my fingers very stiff and a little painful. I have osteoarthritis in my hands and it has become progressively more of a nuisance over the years. So, when I heard that someone I know was using CBD cream for pain, I thought I would give it a try. This purchase added to my previous experience in taking advantage of the newly-legal availability of cannabis-related products.

In June last year, I wrote a blog post describing how I had begun using CBD Oil to help me sleep. I continue to use it occasionally, and it has always provided a reliable seven hours of sound sleep.

When I decided to buy the CBD oil, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Cannabis had been legal in Canada for a few months and there were several stores selling cannabis products, but I felt awkward about actually going into one of them. I think I was uncertain because I imagined being uncomfortably out of place. I assumed that not too many grey-haired old ladies would be among the clientele.

One of my sons volunteered to go with me and we went to a store that had good reviews. It was in a small suburban strip mall, and I expected to see jars of weed and smell marijuana smoke. I was surprised to find that the pot shop in my imagination was nothing like the store we walked into. There were no jars of weed and there was no smell of smoke. It was laid out more like a jewellery store than a herb emporium. Examples of the products were encased in glass cabinets and the smartly dressed staff greeted me professionally.

The same was true in my visit to a different store yesterday. It, too, was in a strip mall and had all the products in glass cabinets. The two female staff members greeted me as soon as I walked in and quickly responded to my request for CBD cream. I explained that I wanted it to address pain related to arthritis and was immediately advised that they cannot prescribe any products for treatment of any medical condition. I understood, and with that understanding I was directed towards the products that might help.

I paid for my purchase ($40 CDN for 100 mg) at the main counter and was given a receipt that I then had to take to a different counter at the far side of the store. The person there took my receipt and found my product in the storage room. I assume that the cautious two-step process is in order to comply with legal or safety requirements.

The store did not have any other customers, but the staff seemed to be quite conversant with the need for CBD cream to address joint pain. From that, I am guessing that I am not the only senior to come their way.

Although, since so many of us left school during the summer of love, or close to it, we are quite possibly enjoying many of the cannabis store products, with or without arthritis. All things considered, I should probably stop making assumptions about cannabis stores and seniors.

I will let you know how effective the cream is when I have had more experience with it. From only one application, though, I already feel that it is easier to type. I’d say “fingers crossed” but there is no way I’m going to try that.


  1. Reblogged this on Stevie Turner and commented:
    I’ll re-blog this, as when I worked in the Pain Medicine Department of our local hospital, the nurses running clinical trials offered a trial of cannabis-based mouth spray to aid pain relief. There was no shortage of patients wanting to take part! At first I imagined the nurses standing at the clinic door handing out spliffs, but it wasn’t quite like that.
    Cannabis-based products do help with pain relief, and I’m sure this cream will too – don’t think it’s on sale here in the UK though.

  2. Oh your post is timely! I’ve been thinking of trying cream for my joints. My hands were so sore this morning. I look forward to hearing about your continued experience with this stuff.

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