Comparing Dumpster Fires

Everyone agrees that the Covid-19 problem is awful, and almost everyone thinks that their politicians are doing a terrible job of managing it. A friend on Facebook recently described the situation in Alberta as being “a dumpster fire” and she isn’t wrong. Comparatively, though, the dumpster fire is bigger in a lot of other places.

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I have been trying to pay attention to the rates of infection in the three places where I have family: Alberta, California, and England. On Friday 13th November the number of cases per 100,000 population for the last seven days were:

Alberta: 118; California: 17; England: 261

In each country there are huge regional disparities, but the number of cases per 100,000 for the countries as a whole are:

Canada: 81; USA: 41; UK: 242

The regions with the highest number of cases per 100,000 in each country are:

Manitoba: 190; North Dakota: 175; North West England: 383

I don’t have any great insight into why these differences are so great, but clearly some areas are doing a better job of keeping the virus under control than others. I have no knowledge of the data gathering methods of each country, and if they are very different that could make my comparisons unjustified. However, from the statistics I have seen, the UK’s recent decision to have a two-week lockdown is very necessary.

Just when we think we’ve got a handle on the problem, people get fed up with isolation and go to parties. Then, as night follows day, we get another resurgence. Only a month ago, Alberta’s rate per 100,000 population was about 30. Now it is 118. The virus can spread that fast.

Stay safe, everyone, and WEAR A MASK!!



  1. I am no expert but I watch shows like House Hunters International and it seems Europeans live way different than us – not many people live in single family houses and even the ones that do seem to be more sociable. The way we live in Canada – especially on the prairies – we should have virtually zero cases. 🤦

  2. That’s interesting to look at the percentage per population. In Nova Scotia we are doing pretty good..lots of space between us. Hoping the vaccine will get us back to our norm.

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