Walking Figures

A new art installation has appeared less than a block from my home. It is called Walking Figures and it is by the Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz.

I saw a television news item about the installation and one of the comments that stood out for me was that the figures represent our shared humanity and our shared association with the ground we walk on.

These headless metal sculptures have been placed on 118 Avenue in Edmonton beside a telecommunications building and a bus shelter. I wondered if that was to make a statement about communications and travel, or communicating about travelling, or communicating while travelling. Probably none of the above, but maybe that is a place to begin the conversation.

The ways in which the three figures are placed reminded me of walking with my family when I was a child. My dad was always way out in front and then he would occasionally pause to give us time to catch up. He never complained, he just waited.


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