Signs Of The Times

Here are a few photos of miscellaneous images in my world this week.

All the leaves are gone
Fence made from recycled boards of uneven lengths
This house has a Hallowe’en feel
This is a photo of a picture seen on TV. It looks as though it was taken near the Capitol Building in Washington, possibly in the 1920s or ’30s. I wondered what was the event, but I couldn’t find the original online. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
I made salsa!


  1. I think taking or compiling photos of what one encounters in day-to-day living is a wonderful thought. You have set me an example! New Year consideration for me. Thank you my Friend. I like the uneven board fence!

      • Just briefly thinking about that, it may well be a different perspective on things. Like my adventure with a new dental X-ray machine on Monday…machine won I believe.

          • Haha! One is supposed to stand up, I believe, and bite on a stick sort of thing (quite thin) and once one is all aligned (there are red lines showing a sort of target via light), the machine circles ones head (body?) and takes a full mouth xray. It is a lovely machine situated in it’s own little brightly lit room. The catch of course is that I am unable to stand without holding onto something, and would prefer not to have the stick clenched in my mouth as I do so. Apparently there had been some discussion prior to my arrival (discussion did not include me of course) and it was decided I could remain seated in my chair and the machine would be adjusted. Did they ask the machine, I wonder! First try and it hit my chair and stopped. Second try It encountered my shoulder blade. All attempts were stopped and we returned to the original room. Try as I might, nobody would tell me what I might have cooperated with. “No problem, don’t worry” was all I got. Since my dentist is my daughter-in-law’s brother, I am able to talk with him. So I was all prepared to ask multiple questions…until I discovered he (dentist) had not heard about Frank’s death. Conversation went an entirely different direction at that point. Now dentist is irritated with his sister for not sharing the news and I am still in the dark regarding the infamous machine! I would have taken a photo of the machine had I been aware of this new possibility!

            • Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear about that debacle. I, too, went to the dentist this week, and I too had to bite on that gizmo to get X-rays. The difference in my experience is that the x-rays were taken as I sat in the dentist’s/hygienist’s chair.

              In future, you should make sure your dentist is up-to-date on family milestones before seeing him. Then, insist that they get an x-ray machine that does not require the patient to be standing! But, no doubt you’ve already considered all that.

            • Can’t seem to reply directly to your most recent post, oh well. I had X-rays taken prior to the jaunt to the new machine. Hygienist used a thing that looked like a space gun and I was still in her chair. But then she wanted me to go to the new machine and there the situation developed.

              I had never even considered calling the office to share the family news. By then though I believe Covid had forced closure of dental offices. Dr was truly amazing in how he quickly recovered from the ‘surprise’ and he asked me things nobody previously had and it was quite comforting.

              Truthfully I think the hygienist was embarrassed by the debacle with the machine. However I will get my $1.00 worth of opinion spoken at my next appointment. I won’t let that slide by!

  2. The featured image is b-yoo-ti-ful. As a 27-year-old, it’s my desire to travel the world someday and revel in beautiful sceneries, as depicted in your featured image. Taking it one day at a time… I have to survive this pandemic first.

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