1. Love this critter, duck-like but more. I don’t understand it but I seem to have trouble understanding a lot these days. Example: our election, if one can call it that, from yesterday. I’d rather adopt a duck!

    • I found this lovely critter as I was sorting out a box of memorabilia. My younger son created it when he was in Grade 1 (I think). He didn’t want to keep it and so I took a picture before it disappeared forever.

      I’m still recovering from staying up late watching your election results. I’m now watching the last results come in. It’s a nail-biter.

      • Quite a talented son you have there. I can’t bring myself to watch any more election returns. I, like a Pollyanna, believed the Democrats would have learned lessons from 2016. Oh silly me. I heard James Carvel, dressed as a flag or something, trying to tell people not to worry, it will all work out. He had a huge unopened bottle of champagne and another bottle of something (opened) so I place no faith in what he said. The thing that throws me completely is discovering how many people support the current person in office. The USA has been placed under a spell by some frustrated evil being and I have no clue how to break that wicked spell.

  2. Very good representation of a duck with bendy legs. Does your sun remember what the numbers represent? 1 to 21? Maybe it was a game? I have nothing to say about the election – it is so close!

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