Scary Stuff

Some of my neighbours have really scary stuff in front of their houses. Most of it has to do with Hallowe’en.

But then there is this. What is it? And, more importantly, what the flaming heck is it doing in my residential neighbourhood?

The canoe and the propane tanks make me think it is someone’s idea of a recreational vehicle, but honestly, it looks more like a military armoured vehicle. Now, THAT is scary.


  1. So who are you gonna call? Ghost Busters? Sorry, showing my age and dumb humor. However I would phone your local parking enforcement department or whatever Edmonton might have. That does not seem appropriate to park in a residential area.

    1. That’s funny, Mary Beth!! I’m chuckling here. But, yes, it is definitely out of place. If I see it again I may call someone at city hall. I can’t help thinking that whoever uses that has guns inside it.

      1. Exactly! Can’t think of the word I want (it will come to me but it might be tomorrow!). Those folks who believe they can be self-sufficient as the world crumbles around them. That’s who I imagine would shelter in that behemoth.

      1. Well, they may be existing in present times but they really don’t seem to be living in this century. I wonder what causes folks to do such things. I’m not thinking it’s wrong, just not taking advantage of what could be available to them?
        Incidentally the book received mixed reviews from folks who have read it.

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