1. It is an empty retail space in an indoor shopping mall. I have no idea why it is painted like this. I saw it when I went to get a haircut and couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos.

        2. Pfffft, it’s a no brainer Ark. This is where they did 1960’s music videos and all that groovy dancin’! Can’t you tell? Can’t you just FEEL the LSD kicking in? πŸ˜‰

  1. Now we all just need to throw on our bell-bottom jeans, Seinfeld puffy shirts, short skirts with Go-Go boots and DANCE the Watusi, the Monkey, and the Twist… or whatever an epileptic body can do to… to “Walk all over you.

      1. Prof. still has a mini-skirt and high heeled leather boots which he dons on special occasions but we won’t talk about that on such a wholesome blog as this!

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