Once Were Businesses

There is a stretch of road near my home that doesn’t seem to know what to do with itself. It is near the football stadium and borders several residential neighbourhoods, so you would think this location would give it all kinds of reasons to be a real going concern. In fact, though, it doesn’t seem to have found its own identity.

If anything, it has a split personality. There are some older buildings and some that are very new; some are still in operation, and some are closed. It is neither one thing nor the other.

Adding to this strange atmosphere is the realization that the avenue is named 111th until, suddenly it is 112th. There is a barely noticeable bend in the road, but no clearly marked distinction between the two differently numbered avenues.

These are some of the buildings that were once businesses. They appear now to be residences, but they look to me as though they are still holding out hope that they could one day be businesses again.


  1. We live a few blocks from a block that looks a lot like this. You go from a residential area, under an train overpass and you end up on this odd little street that time has forgotten.

      1. I understand. When I see streets like this, I wonder how good progress really is. When I moved to this area of Regina twenty five years ago we had a typical corner store. The owner would carry home my mother’s shopping bags when she would come to visit. 😊

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