Rossdale Brewery

The Rossdale Brewery building was originally the Edmonton Brewing and Malting Company. It was built in 1905 by the owner of the Strathcona Hotel, W.H. Shephard. He was so successful at making and selling the product that the company moved to a bigger location in 1913.

The Rossdale Brewery building was then taken over by the Sick organization. That is an unfortunate name for a brewing empire so they called it the Associated Breweries of Canada Ltd. instead, and later it became the Alberta Brewing and Malting Company.

The building is still quite impressive and is listed in the Alberta Register of Historic Places. You can see near the intersection of Rossdale Road and 100 Street NW, Edmonton.

Someone with a sense of humour put a mannequin at a window in Rossdale Brewery.


  1. I so enjoy these bits and pieces of history along with the wonderful photographs. Was the Alberta Brewing and Malting Company a success? Name is preferable to Sick! The mannequin caught me off-guard, haha. Wonderful for this time of year! It is quite an edifice. Do you happen to know what that blue machinery might be on the right in the last photo? 1905, amazing how time passes.

    • Friz Sick was clever in owning both the brewery and the hotel because, at the time, beer could only be sold in hotels. His was one of two breweries that dominated in Alberta right up until the 1960s.

      That blue machine is a cherry picker and I think someone must be doing maintenance on the upper part of the building, but the equipment wasn’t in operation when I was there on Saturday.

      Here is an article about the history of beer in Alberta.

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