Nomadic Alternatives Murals

While walking along the North Saskatchewan River valley yesterday, I was delighted to find some wonderful murals under the James MacDonald Bridge between Rossdale Park and Irene Parlby Park. The artwork is by Nomadic Alternatives.

Snowbird of Paradise standing beside graffiti “Happy Mom’s Retirement”. Photo by Ken Price


  1. absolutely beautiful pieces. Hope that those who draw these will find themselves appreciated and their talents will move them up. It was good to see you as well! have a great long weekend

  2. These are some of the best murals yet! Thank you so much for sharing! You are looking spectacular.

    1. Thank you, Mary Beth. I agree with you about the murals. 😉

      As we were leaving to go home, it occurred to me that throughout our 90 minute walk along the riverside the entire route was accessible and I thought you would appreciate that.

  3. These murals are amazing, and there they are hidden under a bridge somewhere. My favorite picture is the lovely lady in the lavender jacket who looks very happy.

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