California Smoke in Alberta

When I woke up this morning, the rising sun was orange. For the last few days we have been getting California’s wildfire smoke in Edmonton, Alberta, and it is expected to be worse this afternoon. It reminded me of the smoke we got from the Fort MacMurray fire in 2016, but this smoke has travelled a lot further.

So, I grabbed my camera and went out before breakfast to get a few shots. I experimented with the settings to try to capture what I saw. Here are three pictures that came close. They were taken between 8:00 and 8:30 AM on an otherwise clear day.


      1. Last year it was Brazil, Australia, and California. Please make it stop someone please. And don’t get me started on fireworks gender reveal person. Not even computing for me right now.

        1. Oh, I know! They can just stop those stupid parties right now, with or without pyrotechnics. It’s a stupid idea. And, just to be picky, it’s not a gender reveal anyway. It’s a sex reveal.

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