Falling For Autumn

The changing colours in the fall are always a delight. It’s nature’s way of softening us up before winter comes. Autumn is so beautiful we hardly even care that the summer is gone.

This week is just the beginning of the lovely yellow leaves in my neighbourhood, and today was sunny and bright, so it was perfect for getting a few pictures.


  1. I was going to comment on blue sky, sun and lack of smoke, however I was too happy looking at the photos and dreaming of those components being present here again! Thank you for a reminder that there will be life after all these awful fires.

  2. I love the fall leaves, but it seems that just when they are at their most beautiful we get a big wind that blows them all off the trees. I wish they would last longer.

  3. Beautiful photos. It’s been a long time since I saw autumn in Alberta. Would you believe it took years for me to see the beauty of it – and I was so shocked at how brief it was before winter came in. I was used to all shades of red, pink, orange and yellow, and a long lovely season- still love it. Back here the leaves are not really changing yet although the nights are getting chilly, 8C they promise us tonight. Keep taking photos, Anne!

    1. I know what you mean, Barb. Autumn in England always seemed to be at least six weeks long, or maybe that’s only how I remember it. In Alberta it can be over in a flash.

      Thanks. I will keep taking photos, Barb. It is what gets me out walking!

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