What Do You Think?

Here are some of the things that made me wonder this week. I could try to come up with some reasonable explanations, but sometimes it’s more fun to think of unreasonable explanations.

She’ll never guess what I got for her birthday.
Do you think we are welcome here?
Do Hobbits live in Edmonton?
I’m sure someone knows what this sign means, but that person is not me.
I don’t think this tarp is quite up to the task.
Spot the mushrooms


  1. I know you wanted unreasonable explanations, but I recognize the symbol on that sign as being related to circuits and electricity. So “grounded” in this context means there is a line going to ground, for example to prevent electrocution. I googled “bus grounding” and there’s a wikipedia page about busbars which says they’re insulated metallic strips used in high current power distribution. I’m not sure what “this cell” is though. This part of the distribution system? Anyway that’s where the power can go to ground! Now you know! 🙂

  2. I apologize in advance. Re: blue covered ‘surprise’, first photo: “I can’t seem to find the cat. After our fishing adventure, Kitty has not been seen.”

    Jamie’s bus response sounds wonderful but I have never run across anything like the sign you showed.

  3. I heard from a very reliable source that the cat noticed the Welcoming home near by and stopped by for a small meal and a bit of milk (actually a bit of wine, shhh!) and had a delightful time.

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