Thursday Doors: Distressed Garage Doors

This is the look interior designers are going for when they create distressed painted furniture. These garage doors are distressed for good reasons; they are old and they haven’t been well maintained. I’d feel distressed too if that were me.

Garage doors, Edmonton, Alberta
Garage Doors, Edmonton, Alberta

These garages belong to back-alley neighbours and it looks as though they both used the same off-centre design and the same hinges.  The top one is personalized with diagonal bracing and the lower one has a kind of picture frame, which leaves a lot to the imagination. It also has a saucy red surround.

They both used white paint, but one used it on plywood and the other on wooden boards. So, if you were thinking of going for that distressed look, the plywood works better.

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  1. I’m sure we see back alley garage doors in this condition all over the place here. It’s the climate. You have to repaint every year and when you get busy and forget, well this is how it starts.
    I sure makes for lovely shots though. Nice finds 🙂

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