The Murals of Legal, Alberta (Part 3)

There are so many great murals in Legal that it is hard to pick out a few to show you. Today I have chosen the portraits of two more homesteading families.

This first is of Joseph St Martin and Marthe Calage. Joseph was the stepson of Jean Calage (1848-1927) and the two men each paid $10 for their homesteads. Joseph and Marthe married in 1902 and they had eleven children.

The mural depicts their homestead and the large tractor they used to work the land. This mural includes two photographs; one is of the ship that brought Jean and Joseph Calage to Canada from Argentina and the other is of the log hauling that the family did in the winter months. The names of Joseph and Marthe’s children are listed on the right.

The artist is identified only as Dave of Flying Colors.

Mural of Joseph St Martin and Marthe Calage, Legal, Alberta

The second mural I want to show you today depicts one of the many musical families that founded the town of Legal. Léon Prefontaine (19xx-1981) and Marguerite (Coulombe) (1903-1987) were married in 1925 and had six children. The neighbours reported hearing them and their daughters singing early each morning, at 5 or 6 AM, as they milked the cows before the children went to school.

Mural of Leon and Marguerite Prefontaine, Legal, Alberta

The mural depicts the family singing around the piano and the grandchildren playing in front of the home.

Detail from the mural of Leon and Marguerite Prefontaine, Legal, Alberta

The muralist is Jacques Martel whose attention to detail makes him a sought-after visual artist in the Francophone community.


  1. Love these. Noticing the architecture of the homes (farm houses?) and the colors. Just thinking of the history in this small town and the Talent!

  2. Since I started back to work, I’ve missed seeing you blogs. This morning I saw #5, (I think) I said “Keep them coming” and then, I went back one by one and saw these others. What a treat for me, this morning, to binge read/see you blog!

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