French Mural Capital of the World

Until yesterday, I didn’t know I lived forty minutes away from the Mural Capital of Canada and the French Mural Capital of the World. And, it is wonderful!

The town of Legal (pronounced lé-gal, not lee-guhl) is inhabited by 1345 people living in 448 private dwellings. It was established in 1894 by French settlers and today is amazing because every available wall has been used to recognize those early settlers through murals. We met a man who estimated that there were about 25 murals, and I will be posting my photos of some of them over the next few days.

My older son took me there yesterday for a day out in the sunshine and a lovely walk taking pictures of murals. There are far too many for one blog post, but I do want to give you an idea of what we saw.

First, the whole town is only about four blocks north-to-south and seven blocks east-to-west. So, it is not big. Even so, in that small population, they have managed to produce some amazing muralists and the organizational expertise to put together a comprehensive artistic history in paint.

This is what the town looks like if you stand in the middle of the road on the main street:


And here, just as a teaser, are some of the many murals we saw:

I will post more of the photos I took of the murals after I have done a little searching to find out more about the people being depicted in them. Trust me, though, they will be worth the wait, and I will identify the people in the portraits and the artists when I can.


  1. I don’t know anything about Legal so this is fascinating. I look forward to more of your posts and photos.

  2. OH…MY….GOODNESS! Forty miles from you…the mural capital? And…of interesting people and history? It must have been simply euphoric! I know how much I enjoy your photos of murals and I can’t imagine how blissful it must have been for you. These are wonderful and I’m looking forward to the series.

  3. Fabulous art work. Amazing what is so often right on one’s doorstep and we are unaware.

    You have produced some very nice mural posts. Maybe there’s the makings of a portfolio or a book, even, including all the details of the art?

  4. I enjoyed reading your blogs about Legal, so interesting and what wonderful murals. I was transported right there in Alberta.

  5. Hi Anne, I left a comment and found I had to log in to word press only to leave another comment. Anyway I love the blogs on the mural city, Legal. Very interesting and wonderful murals. I felt like I was transported to Alberta and thinking about that little town and it’s talented people and its history. Thanks for such an interesting blog. Gill. XX

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