City View Plaza, San Jose, CA

The recent news that one of my favourite resting-and-reverie spots was to be cleared to make way for something big and modern, reminded me that I took a few photos when I was there in January. So, here for your viewing pleasure and perhaps for posterity are the pictures I took.

A developer has snapped up an area in downtown San Jose, California. They are going to turn it into a “big and modern tech campus in the heart of downtown San Jose.” (San Jose Mercury News)

I’m sure the new development will be huge, probably made of steel and glass, and will be a grand monument to technology. What it probably won’t be is a lovely place to sit.

I often walk downtown when I am in San Jose, and the City View Plaza is about twenty-five minutes away from my condo. As such it is the perfect spot to take a break, catch my breath, and decide where to go next.

The plaza is situated behind the Wells Fargo bank on Market Street and is large enough to accommodate an unusual fountain, some interesting sculptures, pleasing landscaping, pretty flower beds, and some welcome restaurants. It is also a place where some birds find greenery and artistic perches, which must be very welcome in the middle of the city.

I regret that I cannot name the sculptors because I could not find any identifying plaques. If you know who they are, please tell me so that I can give them credit.

If you get a chance before they tear it all down, please visit the City View Plaza in San Jose, perhaps go to a restaurant, and then stroll around to enjoy the sculptures.




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