Views from Ada Boulevard

Ada Boulevard in Edmonton’s Highlands neighbourhood is a popular place for walking and jogging. The area was developed over a hundred years ago and has beautiful houses all along the north side of the road. It is also the location of Concordia University, the McGrath Mansion, and the best treehouse I have ever seen.

Concordia University, Edmonton
William McGrath Mansion built in 1912
A fabulous treehouse

I enjoyed a lovely walk there yesterday morning with my son and daughter-in-law. The sun shone and it was warm enough that we were able to take off our jackets. K said he felt as though he was on vacation. He has been working from home all week and this was a much-needed dose of outdoor air.

North Saskatchewan River and Highlands Golf Course, Edmonton

From this boulevard, there are wide vistas providing views of the river valley and the downtown highrises.

Edmonton city centre

To the Southeast, it is also possible to see the Suncor Energy Refinery, although right now only essential personnel are on site. The demand for their product has declined considerably in recent months.

Suncor Energy Refinery in the distance

It was lovely just to be able to leave the house for an hour and enjoy the open air. In particular, I enjoyed greeting other walkers as we all kept a safe two metres apart. I think we all need a little humanity along with our exercise.


Update 27 May 2020.

The McGrath Mansion is now for sale! There is a video showing the interior on this CBC page.  It is well worth a look as the property has been preserved in its original grandeur and updated with modern conveniences.


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