Things I Wonder About

Here is a selection of the miscellany of thoughts that cross my mind and questions that Google can’t answer.

  • Does anyone who is not a product buyer for airlines actually buy those hard dry cookies they give you with your cup of tea?
  • Why does my city think icy sidewalks and seniors’ isolation are two separate issues?
  • Why do people revere their national flags so much but still let them get faded and torn?
  • Why do people throw shoes over power lines?
  • Who decided that ‘Cyn’ would be a good abbreviation for ‘Canyon’ on road signs? It took me years to realize it wasn’t a complete word.
  • Why do politicians think that austerity measures will save money when we all know that they end up costing us more?
  • How many people have stopped driving at night because of ultra-bright headlights?
  • How many people have bought an SUV just so those ultra-bright headlights wouldn’t be aimed at their faces?
  • Why don’t airports rent cots by the hour for people who have long layovers?
  • Why do 24-hour news channels cover such a limited range of issues and nations?
  • Is there a silencer for leaf blowers?
  • Do authoritarian leaders think they are loved?
  • Now that we have a health crisis, can we all agree that some government-provided social and health support systems are a good idea?

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  1. Yes, CYN is ridiculous. I was puzzled by that forever. When I somehow figured it out, I was still wondering why?

  2. Sounds like a million dollar idea! Silencers for leaf blowers! And while we’re at it, let’s add weed-wackers & lawn mowers. 🙂

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