It’s a Mystery

For all of you who are housebound, watching too much TV, and wishing you had something to do, I have a remedy. I have a mystery for you to solve.

Yesterday as I was out walking around my neighbourhood and keeping the required two metres from other people, I came across an ID card for an international student. The card was next to the sidewalk in a snowbank. Right on top of the snow.

I picked up the card thinking I would return it to its owner. As I read it, though, I realized it was out of date so the chance of finding him is slim. Also, he may not care if he gets it back because it is no longer relevant. He has moved on in his life by now, geographically, professionally, and emotionally.

From his image, I’d guess he is from Africa, but he could also be from the Caribbean or a gazillion other places, but I know he went to university in Canada. What intrigues me, though, is that the university identified is not local. In fact, it is a university in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is a long way from Edmonton, Alberta. In fact, it is far across the other side of the continent.

The card is a ViaRail/TravelCuts card which provides discounts for students, but there is no authorizing signature.

Your task, gentle reader, is to write a short story explaining how this card found its way to my street today, eight years after it was issued. You may be as creative as you like, so long as your solution to the mystery is family-friendly. Go ahead. Give this card a story to remember and put your first draft in the comments section below.



  1. I recognize this guy! He looks just like my Uber driver last time I went to the airport. Great guy as I remember, he also works full-time in the entertainment industry and lives in east Nashville. I know exactly what happened; his old ID was in a shoebox along with other miscellaneous whatnot, things you no longer need but hate to throw away, and the recent tornado blew away his house. I know, devastating, but he’s OK and is living with some friends while they rebuild. Living with, but strictly observing social distances of 6ft aka 2 meters apart. I believe this is one of those extraordinary, stranger than fiction, situations where an ID card blew all the way from East Nashville to Edmonton. Talk about “Across a continent!” Dang, now I wish I had kept his card so I could let him know you have his ID. OMGosh…He’d never believe it!

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