Diving Girl Apples

The Mojmir Apartments building on South Third Street was built in 1922 and has been lovingly maintained. It is designated by the City of San Jose as a building of historical interest.

The University of California’s website Calisphere describes the building as follows:

The 1922 Mojmir Apartment building “incorporates Renaissance Revival influences into its relatively formal exterior design. The apartment building represents, through its form and detailing, a fairly rare building type; one of a few multifamily apartment buildings constructed in the downtown area during the early part of the twentieth century.”

I always enjoy walking past this building, and I first noticed it many years ago because of a painting by Paul J. Gonzalez of an advertisement for Diving Girl Apples. It is visible from the street and I first took a picture of it in 2010.

Initially, I thought the advertisement was being used as a decoration on a garage door. Recently, though, I ventured down the driveway to get a closer look and it turns out that it is a wall to a gazebo-like structure. Beside it is a very attractive gate and I am curious to know what is behind it.  However, I think I have trespassed far enough onto private property. If I ever see someone outside the building, though, I will ask them about it.

Beside the gazebo’s gate is a covered parking area that is big enough for several cars. In the middle of the back wall of the carport is a lovely stained glass window depicting a car. I think it may be an Aston Martin, judging by the logo, but I welcome correction on that if I am wrong.

Once again I have found a hidden treasure just by walking about and by engaging in just a tiny bit of trespass.



  1. You have piqued my interest! Is this down 3rd Street near Notre Dame High School or even further north? I do not recall ever noticing it before which disappoints me. It wouldn’t be related to UC would it? Is it just private apartments? I wonder how many? Being an historic landmark, it must have safety features. Would be so fascinating to tour inside. The apple advertisement poster, the stained glass window of the car (OMG!), and possibly a hidden garden…WOW!
    We rented an apartment in SF many many years ago. Building constructed in very early 1900’s. The architectural features were wonderful but folks who lived there did not seem impressed.
    Thank you for this gift today!

    1. Yes, it is near the High School. I don’t think it is related to the University of California; they do, however, keep records of all the historic buildings.

      I believe it is still private apartments and they are in use.

      I’m glad I was able to give you a small gift today, Mary beth.

  2. It was built as an apartment bldg. in 1922 with 9 units and the owner living in a large 3 bedroom. In 1934 the 3 bedroom was reduced to a 2 bedroom and the 10th apartment was added. It was built for students with murphy beds, drop down tables and benches in the kitchens and built in dressers in the walk-in closets.
    I have tried to keep everything original but have made some modifications. there are two stained glass domes that have been added to the bldg. and a 4’x10′ stained glass window in the hall way stairs leading to the second floor.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, Steve. The information you provide is very interesting to me as I had no idea the apartments were originally for students, and the details about the murphy beds, etc. make the interior sound as engaging as the exterior of the building.

      Thank you for preserving such a treasure and for telling me more about it. Best regards, Anne.

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