The Transience of Things: Cherry Blossoms at the Japanese Friendship Garden

My sister and I both enjoyed the lovely blossoms in the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose yesterday. The Japanese celebrate cherry blossoms as a metaphor for the graceful and ready acceptance of destiny and so there are several such trees in this garden.

The transience and beauty of the blossoms create a meditative calm, and as we walked, breezes blew petals around like soft pink confetti and lifted a hawk that flew above us in wide-winged grandeur.

I am very glad we were able to see these trees in this garden. The large koi ponds are under repair, but lots of baby fish can be seen in the smallest pond.

It seemed very fitting to see this new life while the cherry blossoms provided a reminder of life’s ephemeral nature.


  1. Your description of cherry blossoms touches me deeply this year. I was walking Buddy recently and rounded a corner and came face-to-face with 2 blooming cherry blossom trees. Without even time to think, I burst into tears…transience and beauty…life in pink blossoms. Thank you, my friend.

  2. Oh what a glorious sight! I love the thoughts behind this post. I have a cherry tree in bloom on my arm to remind me of this very thing ❤
    Soon it will be my turn for cherry blossoms. YAY!

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