Almaden Avenue Murals and a Pocket Dog Park

Yesterday I discovered some new-to-me murals and a pocket dog park within one block of West Santa Clara Street between Almaden Avenue and San Pedro Street. I went into the dog park to take a picture of the mural and while there I made friends with Lucy the dog.

Chachos on Almaden Avenue by Will Richardson and Geoffrey Wood
Chachos on Almaden Avenue
Mural on the side wall of Dac Phuc Vietnamese Restaurant, 198 W Santa Clara Street
Mural by Roan Victor at Hart’s Dog Park on W Santa Clara Street, and Lucy the dog
Hart’s Dog Park on W Santa Clara Street and Lucy the dog
Parking lot behind Lee Yick Laundry & Cleaners
Mural behind LVL 44 on Almaden Avenue by Pow!Wow!@pro_gress
Mural at Myth Lounge by @mythSJ
Mural and graffiti behind Tony Di Maggio’s Pizza, W San Fernando St.



    • I’m glad you enjoy this street art, easterntrekker. It has become one of my regular pleasures to walk with my camera and collect pictures of murals. Being in sunny California makes that really easy!

  1. This is beautiful! Reminds me a little of the murals in Little 5 Points, ATL, Georgia.

    PA:- Unfollowed and re-followed so I could turn on notifications for your blog. ☺️ No idea why we only have that option in the app when following someone for the first time!

      • No prob! It’s a relatively new feature. I only noticed it about a year or 2 ago, so new compared to 10 years. When you follow someone using the app, there’s a banner popup at the bottom asking if you want to enable notifications. But once I follow, I can never find how to turn them on! This is for WordPress on an Android, by the way. Not sure about the other phones, tablets etc .

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