Tax Accountant Sunset

Yesterday I was early for my appointment with my tax accountant so I decided to get in a few extra steps by walking a couple of blocks down the road. As I did so, it occurred to me that the sky looked a little like the transgender flag because it was turquoise with pink stripes.

Then I turned around and realized I was facing a glorious sunset. I took lots of pictures of the fabulous orange sky creating silhouettes of the trees.

After I returned towards the tax accountant’s building, the sky over her office’s parking lot had become a vibrant purple. My new iPhone XR did a wonderful job of capturing the colors almost exactly as I saw them.


  1. This morning sunrise was pretty amazing also. By the time I found my iPhone and got to the right setting …it was gone. So no pics, but those who were out and about got quite a treat.

  2. Totally beautiful sunset photos. Thank you for sharing them. I know where you were, or at least the neighborhood. I did not realize that 5 Guys has now occupied that awkward intersection’s larger restaurant space. I loved to go to the 2 places that previously were there but have not been to 5 Guys. But now I wonder if the other little shops, one a cigar shop, are still there? I need to check your photo again! Only change is constant!

    • The only other place I have visited there, besides the tax office, is the used bookstore. I’m glad it is still there. You may remember that the Brickyard had some coffee table books of architecture that no-one wanted. Well, I took them to that bookstore.

      • Anne, you are the most thoughtful soul. Yes I recall those books from Brickyard and so glad they found a home of sorts. Someone will love them. I have tried to enjoy used book stores, thinking of the one downtown whose name escapes me (Recycled Books?), but I found crowded aisles and maneuvering was less than ideal. I love books as you must know and am reading a lot which probably relieves some stress!

  3. Oh my, so beautiful. I’m always amazed by how many colours turn up in the sky. It DOES look like the transgender flag! I’m thinking about gender and our culture this morning. A person I know posted something ignorant and ugh… I feel gross just thinking about her. I’ll be dealing with her shortly, thank goodness for pretty skies in the meantime. ❤

      • Aw, your kind and empowering words gave me the courage to respond to the woman. ❤ I was kind but she was not happy with me and continued to go on so I gave her some good articles and left her to it…people die over nastiness like this, let her be mad at me. I'm OK with that.

  4. Beautiful sky shots and Yay on the phone! I had to go back a few blogs to learn about that new acquisition. Well Done! And so glad you have it because a photographer like you should have a phone that can capture your shots as well as possible.

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