A Decade Of Living And Learning

Happy New Year! It amazes me to realize that I have been maintaining this blog for a decade. I would not have imagined that to be possible when I began it.

The years 2010-2019 have been full of new experiences, accidents, and opportunities. I have moved from Red Deer to Edmonton, traveled to England, Scotland, and Norway, spent winters in California with my sister and her family, tried and quit online dating, volunteered, had a couple of bad falls, and written this blog.

Here are some of the blog posts from each of those years.  I have tried to choose posts that meant a lot to me, but it has been hard to select only a few. Please follow the links to those that spark your interest.


Red Work Boots Being misjudged and condescended to by a shoe salesman.

Not Happening Thinking about how everyday activities change with retirement.


Momerabilia Saving mementos and having a bad memory.

% Enemy The strange standard for evaluation on OK Cupid.


I’m Not Going To Skydive An adventure that didn’t happen.

Not Nick Crews A letter to my children.


I’m a Troll, Fol-de-Rol Unexpected nastiness in various forms.

Knob Stealers  Some people will steal knobs off appliances.


Some Emotions Are Largely A Waste Of Time Thinking about wasted energy.

Neighbours Having Sex  My most popular post, probably because it has sex in the title.

Solo, So Long On the cusp of moving into my suite in Edmonton.


Vested Interests Service dogs, emotional support animals, and pets.

Elk Island National Park, Alberta Photos of wood bison and fall colours.

Best Before Dates  Throwing out dry goods and thinking about dates.


A Short Canadian’s Thoughts On Long American Primaries The US election process is impractical.

Snark Caring for someone who gets snarky sometimes.

A Spirited Discussion Wondering what is meant by the word ‘spiritual’.


The War On Terror Is Over  The terrorists are not ‘out there’.

One Thing Leads To Another In Unexpected Ways The saga of a lost (and found) bracelet.

There’s Frugal, Then There’s Absurd Frugal On budgets, bill-paying, and clutter.


Clear Skies Over Hawaii A terrifying emergency alert.

On Having And Being A Big Pain Recap of my health care after a bad fall.

Thank You, Nancy Miller How I reconnected with a friend from my youth.


Times Have Really Changed Thoughts about career women and dating.

Audiobooks Save The Day Listening while driving from California to Alberta.

My Kind of Socialism It’s not communism. It’s community.


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