What Am I Looking At?

On a car journey on Interstate 80 in California over the holiday, some family members and I saw something unusual on the horizon on our right-hand side. We were all wondering what we were looking at. Some of us thought it was snow on mountains behind foothills; others thought we were seeing unusual cloud formations.

As we drove on further I started to take photos and, as time went by, it became clear that we were looking at clouds.  The white fluffy ones are, I think, cumulonimbus and the long gray ones may be stratocumulus. If anyone knows more about clouds than I do, please let me know what these are.

These shots were taken with my iPhone5 from inside the car and through the windshield. And, no, I wasn’t driving! I was happily seated on the passenger side.


  1. How about sending a couple to the weather person on KNTV, channel 3 or 11 depending on your TV provider, and asking them? Folks often send photos of weather happenings to the TV station. Indeed interesting formations!

  2. It was really something to see! You did a good job of capturing it. The first image really shows how unlike clouds it looked from a far.

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