Architectural Gems: San Jose Diridon and Salinas Train Stations

This weekend I took an Amtrak train from San Jose to Salinas and enjoyed a very comfortable journey. When I arrived at San Jose Diridon station I had time to wait and take in the lovely architectural details. It was built in the Italian Renaissance Revival style and has a three-story high main building.

The waiting room area has some lovely ornate grilles over the heating/ventilating ducts, wall sconces that match the central pendant light, and an interesting mural over the Amtrak ticket counter.

I was also impressed with the huge flag which covers one window. It is quite possibly the biggest flag I have ever seen. The ceiling has painted wooden beams that reminded me of the ceiling at the main post office in San Jose.

The station at Salinas is equally as interesting and is in the Spanish Revival style with Art Deco accents. The friezes at the tops of the walls tell stories of the region’s history. The painted design above the friezes is a continuation of the design on the painted wooden ceiling.

The ticket counter has a ceramic tiled face and there is a phone booth with a bifold door. It has been renamed as a cell phone booth. I doubt it gets much use, but I am glad that they have kept it.

I took these photos with my iPhone5, but next time I go I will use my Olympus camera and try to get some better shots. For now, though, these will give you an idea of the interesting details of these delightful station interiors.


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