South 1st Street Murals

Here are some new and some new-to-me murals seen this week on South 1st Street in San Jose. I always appreciate the colorful creativity of the artists’ work and am often surprised by the imagery.

At 791 South 1st Street
At 791 South 1st Street
At 791 South 1st Street

When I was here last winter the site at 791 South 1st Street was a car dealership and the building that now houses Idol Karaoke, which backs on to the same lot, was a hairdressing salon. These walls are now much more colorful and interesting than they used to be!

At 791 South 1st Street
At Idol Karaoke

I have always liked the mural at the California Car Wash but I think this is the first time I have taken a picture of it. The waves, boats, and seagulls seem very appropriate for a water-related business.

At the California Car Wash
At the California Car Wash


    • I love that there are lots of murals in San Jose and there are more and more showing up in Edmonton, too. I usually see them when I’m out walking and then I wonder why I didn’t see them when I was driving!

  1. I love your discoveries and I feel more positive (which is difficult currently in SJ) about the future of downtown as I see it through your lens! Thank you.

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