Sunday Morning in Borden Park

Borden Park is one of Edmonton’s best-kept secrets. When we moved here in 2014 I would walk to this park but since then I have had a couple of bad falls and I can no longer walk that far, so today I drove there. Even so, I had a lovely walk when I got there and, as before, I had the park almost to myself.  I did see a couple of people but they were looking at their phones. Here are some pictures of the things they missed.



  1. Beautiful. Very autumnal.
    Wandering around parks on one’s own is not something I would recommend over here.
    Marvelous that you feel safe enough to do it over there

      • Indeed. I also never gave it a thought when (where) I grew up in the UK.
        However, things aren’t so kosher in a number of parks over here in Johannesburg.

        • I’m sorry to hear that, Ark. It must be very hard to be so restricted in your movements around the city. I spend a lot of time in parks and in the river valley in Edmonton, and my life would be diminished quite considerably if I felt I couldn’t safely do that.

          • Aside from my morning jog/walk I would not simply ”wander about” on my own anywhere to be honest, and especially not in parks or the city. Such actions would be considered high risk
            I generally have no qualms about shopping or doing deliveries but i still keep my wits about me.

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