If You Can’t Hide It, Flaunt It

I’ve got a black eye!  As this is my first ever black eye, I have decided that it is going to be a conversation piece, so I will try to make sure I choose clothes that bring out its most interesting colours. Today that is turquoise.

The site of my fall.

On Tuesday, I was walking along Jasper Avenue with my son Jamie when I tripped on an uneven sidewalk and went sprawling. I landed on my left side and banged my head on the pavement. For a few minutes I was completely winded and it took me a while to get to my feet. Fortunately, several passers-by stopped to check on me and help me up. They asked if I needed to go to the hospital, but I said that I didn’t think I did. I am very grateful to all of them for their kindness.

My first concern was for my left arm. I had broken it badly last year and had a metal plate implanted. I really, really did not want to damage the bones that had caused so much trouble already.  However, after wiggling my fingers a few times and determining that I did not have breakage-type pain, I decided nothing was broken.

Afterward, Jamie and I sat on a nearby bench until I could gather my wits. Jamie checked for symptoms of concussion, but aside from a little nausea, there weren’t any. A woman who had seen me fall came by to check on me and she mentioned that she knew of someone who had tripped in about the same spot and had broken her leg. (Edmonton City Manager, if you are reading this, please check on the sidewalk across the street from Central LRT Station.)

I asked Jamie to take a picture of my bruised forehead so that I could see what I looked like, and then we walked a little further before I decided to go home. As we waited on the bus stop bench, Jamie expressed concern about my symptoms but I reassured him that the part of my brain that may have been injured when I fell wasn’t being used for much. It was just the part that remembered old stuff from the 60s and I don’t need that anymore.

As I sat on the bus, I realized that my bruised eye was starting to close and my side was causing me to have difficulty in moving. It was tricky to hold on to my purse and also the bus pole in order to get out of my seat and off the bus at my stop. By the time I got home, I realized I had done more damage to my side than I had previously realized. I wondered if I had broken a rib or strained some tendons in my side. Either way, I knew that the only cure was rest, so that is what I did.

After I got home I felt incapable of bending or lifting anything, and I was very tired. I put ice on my eye, took a nap on the couch, and in the evening I asked my family to help me to get supper. With their TLC and the help of some ibuprofen, I managed to get a fairly decent night’s sleep and when I woke the next morning I realized that the bruising around my eye had migrated and changed colour.

I have been surprised by the changing shape and colouring of the bruise over the thirty hours since the fall. The discolouration has moved from my eyebrow to my cheek, and the swelling has gone down. I have also been surprised at how tired I have been since then. Fortunately, the pain in my side has lessened, and my arm and hand feel fine.

All-in-all, though, I am just very glad my injuries are no worse and that so many people have been kind to me.


Post Script: I have just realized that the ibuprofen I have been taking with good effect has an expiry date of 09/12 (September 2012). I have thereby proven that the expiry date is not to be taken seriously all the time. At least, certainly not for ibuprofen.


  1. Oh, Anne! First of all…falling and not breaking anything is a win, but oh my your eye! I’m not surprised you’re tired though, it must have been traumatic to your entire body and I can certainly see why Jamie was so concerned. Anyway…listen to your body and rest so it can contiune the healing process and in the future…please be careful. ❤

  2. Oh wow! That’s an awesome shiner! I’m impressed this is your first one!
    It IS really interesting how our flesh can change colour the way it does. I find the whole thing fascinating if not painful, of course.
    Rest well ❤

    • It’s quite something, isn’t it. I have been fascinated by it, which is why I keep taking pictures! I am resting again today, mostly because my side still hurts. Also, the weather is miserable so staying indoors is easy.

  3. So sorry for the injuries! But, I (eye) too, am fascinated with the migration of the bruising around your eye.
    I hope you seek medical care if your side doesn’t feel better soon.
    Next time, don’t be quite so literal with celebrating the second day of fall. 🙂

      • I too, was thinking it’s kinda late now. Monday sounds good.
        Also I have been wondering of you are still benefiting from CBD oil for sleeping? Are you continuing to have restful sleep?

  4. That’s the best ever, to not need it nightly. Very cool. So many health experts are saying a good night’s sleep is an essential part of good health.

  5. I ran into a glass wall once….. back eyes… looked like I broke my nose….?? Ya, it hurt and I was dazed and my nose was bleeding.. but I was in San Francisco, on my way to a play, dinner and Beach Blanket Babylon…… was not going to miss! But what was demonstrated for both of us is how the bones around our eyes really DO protect our eyes!! Thank goodness our eyes were protected!!….. I could post a picture of my injury.. but don’t know how to put it here….. Just wait till your face turns yucky yellow, as it drains and heals! But then it will get better!! Glad you were not hurt any more!!
    Oh ya… I’ve also fallen while walking quite fast and tore ligaments around ribs… VERY painful!! Spasms, could barely breath at times, ended up calling ambulance where they gave me morphine on way to hospital ….. did not handle that well at all!! But pain went away! So take care ANNE!!
    And then today got hit by a very fast baseball while walking around the park!! Very big bad bruise on my leg(size of my hand now)… close but not on my knee… so lucky it’s not my knee or head, like at the league ball parks!!
    shows we’re out and about!

    • Wow, Joan. You have had some really impressive injuries. I’ve been taking ibuprofen for the pain in my side which is definitely feeling better now. I can actually turn over in bed, so I don’t think I broke anything.

      I agree that the bones around our eyes must be really sturdy to withstand everything we put them through. I’m very, very glad I still have my sight.

      Here’s to being out and about, regardless of the risks! Cheers!

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