Blustery River Valley

Tuesday was very windy, but it was still a pleasure to see the autumn colours in the North Saskatchewan River valley from the lookouts at the top and bottom of the funicular.



  1. Anne, lovely fall colors and beautiful clouds in the skies! The word funicular has puzzled me for awhile so today I googled it (what would we do without google?). If you are curious, look up the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, PA. My hometown and I had a funicular all along but had never heard that term used. It was simply ‘the incline’! Temps around 90 degrees F but cooling is rapidly approaching.

    • I looked up the Duquesne Incline and you are right; it’s a funicular! I wonder why they didn’t call it that. The Edmonton one is smaller and has glass walls so that everyone on board can enjoy the view. From the images, I think ours is a much shorter journey.

      Our weather is starting to turn and we’ve already had one overnight frost.

      PS. I just discovered that a funicular is supposed to have two parallel tracks with a car on each track so that they counterbalance. Edmonton doesn’t have that, so naming it a funicular is technically incorrect.

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