Saying Farewell to the Happy Wall

In front of Edmonton City Hall, by Churchill Square, there was once a happy wading pool. It was very popular, especially on hot days and Canada Days. Unfortunately, it was discovered that it did not meet the demands of safety regulations and so it had to go.

In September 2018 workers began to dig it out in order to replace it with a new, approved, fountain and/or pool (I don’t really know what it will be) but in the meantime, the city has given us the Happy Wall. It is made up of hundreds of hinged black wooden blocks that can be flipped open to reveal colours.

I love the Happy Wall, and in the last year I have taken several pictures of it while watching all sorts of people, locals as well as visitors of all ages, take pleasure in putting up a few words of greeting.

Now that the new concourse is reaching completion, the Happy Wall will have to go. It was never really ours; it was leased and re-leased from its creator, Copenhagen artist Thomas Dambo. I had hoped that we could keep it somewhere in the city, but the councillors decided we had leased it long enough.


So, if you are looking for a Happy Wall, this one will be available soon, and I heartily recommend it. It brings people together, makes them think, and brings a smile.

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