When Nothing Makes Sense, Make Nonsense

Today’s news is ridiculous.

  • An eight-year-old in Germany drove the family car at 140 kmh (87 mph) on the highway.
  • The US President was invited to Denmark by Queen Margrethe but he cancelled because Denmark wouldn’t sell Greenland to him.
  • Sean Spicer is going to be on Dancing With the Stars.
  • The Parkland School shooting survivors have a better gun control plan than any of the politicians.
  • Alberta’s premier spends more energy and time on national politicking than on provincial issues.
  • Iceland held a funeral for the first glacier lost to climate change.
  • Boris Johnson can’t understand why the EU won’t change the Irish backstop so he’s going to have a chat with Angela Merkel about it.

I could go on, but we may have reached maximum ridiculousness. None of this makes any sense, so logic must have gone out of style. Some people keep trying to insert logic into all this, but it’s like showing up to a party in the dress and the hairstyle you had for your sister’s wedding in the 1960s.

So, here’s something else that doesn’t make sense: shoes over power lines.  Every now and then I see shoes over power lines in both Canada and the US, and I have never understood it.

  • Whose shoes are they? Did someone steal them or did they use their own?
  • Who threw them over the power lines? Was it an enemy, or a friend?
  • Why did they throw them? A prank? Revenge? Hatred? A Challenge?
  • How did they get them up there? Did it take many attempts?
  • Did they walk home shoeless?
  • What was the point?

Clearly, I have more questions than answers about both the news and the shoes, but at least news and shoes rhyme. It could all be a sort of cosmic poetry to which there is no point.


  1. Your next to last sentence sent coffee coming out my nose. Then I am reminded that in some places shoes are thrown at politicians and such in disgust.

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