A Taste of Edmonton 2019

Every year, A Taste of Edmonton is a delight. It celebrates many of the restaurants in the city and they provide delicious samples of a wide variety of dishes. This year, it is being held on Capital Plaza near the Legislature and the venue is perfect. The location provides lots of space for the kiosks, lots of tables and chairs to make eating more enjoyable, lots of trees for shade, and lots of fountains for the children to play in.

Jamie and I went there on Tuesday and ate food from at least five different countries. We have enjoyed this festival before, and both felt that this year was the best. The ability to buy food tickets online and to pay for food using our phones made the process a lot easier and quicker. We also enjoyed being able to sit in the shade of so many trees.

When we had finished with our food we went inside the adjacent visitors’ centre and looked at artworks for sale in the store, a display in the gallery, and a 4D film presentation in the theatre. We were also very impressed by the vertical garden and waterfall. It is amazing. As we were looking at it, a man who works in the building told us that every evening the garden is tended by workers using a specially designed vertical expansion lift with scissor mechanisms. I think he was as impressed with the lift as he was with the vertical garden!

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